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Year Deux
& the winner is....

{Images via Duke Photography}
They say time flies as you get older, but you never really believe it until you find yourself saying it out loud and sounding like a total cliché, but, oh my how time flies.  It felt like just yesterday that I was wrapping up all the little details for our wedding, finding myself breathless when I realized how quickly the big day was approaching; blissfully eager to become his Mrs. Now, two years later, with a big move under my belt {to Santa Barbara}, fully immersed in the art of being a wife, I feel like I have grown up so much alongside my husband. Loving, respecting, learning and growing together, every single day. It's about savoring the simple and small things that make up the big picture in the end.  And at the end of the day, it's like having a sleep over with your best friend every night of the week!  :)

Giveaway news: Thank you to all our fabulous readers who participated in our giveaway! Congratulations to Rebecca Potzner!! Please email us at Thegals@vogueandvino, so we can mail your beautiful necklace courtesy of Moose & Nigel today in time for July Fourth! 


Ceremony Magazine

We were so humbled and honored when Ceremony Magazine picked up a few of our wedding photos to feature for one of its weddings of distinction for its 2012 LA issue. It's truly a dream, and we're excited to keep and frame a copy for ourselves.  Although time consuming and a bit very overwhelming, the planning period will be the most exciting time of your life {till the wedding...of course}.  Just remember to take a deep breath and regroup when the stress levels rise, smile and sip some champagne.  If your engaged and planning a wedding, Ceremony Magazine has so many tips for all your wedding needs. Remember to have fun with it, it's just one night!