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{ favorite things }

{ Sunday morning Cappuccinos amidst mouth-watering macaroons and pastries } 

Although the past few weeks have been an absolute blast, we literally have not spent one weekend home. Most of these pictures were captured on some of our more relaxing weekends spent lounging around town...something I truly look forward to doing a bit more of as the warmer months approach.  Here are a few things currently keeping me going and inspired.  

Trastevere -- a restaurant in Santa Monica we can't wait to try since it holds the same name as our favorite local city spot in Rome where we had some of funnest nights on our honeymoon }
{ Chanel trinkets at an adorable Parisian vintage hat store }
{ a stunning bridal bouquet reminding me that Peonies are finally in season }
{Friday pick-me-ups in the office:  Lemon coconut cupcakes and leopard printed mint Current Elliot's }   
{ Picnicking where he proposed }


{ Wine Wednesday }
Wine Cask

Since moving to sunny Santa Barbara, I learned that this city has one of the highest amounts of restaurants per capita than any other West Coast city.  I can honestly say I am thrilled that 99% of those restaurants are not chains! Halleluja! There's nothing better than discovering a new eatery whose chef creates masterpieces that are unique and particular to that restaurant. With that being said, one of those unique restaurants is the Wine Cask.  Owned by prominent winemakers, Doug Margerum and Mitchell Sjervens, this chic restaurant has Intermezzo Bar & Cafe, for a more relaxed yet trendy wine lounge feel, or The Wine Cask for a fine dining experience.  After running a winery in Santa Ynez for 10 years, Doug Margerum, decided to bring his wines downtown with the Margerum wine tasting room. Adjacent to that tasting room, Jim Clendelen, one of the Central Coasts most respected winemakers, opened a tasting room featuring his wine, Au Bon Climat, that he has made for over 30 years. 
{ wine cask patio }

Aside from their large "on tap" wine selection, one of my favorite items on the Intermezzo menu has to be the cheese platter.  Served on a slab of granite, you choose three of their six selections of cheeses from various countries.  Honeycomb, large cranberries, candied walnuts, sliced green apples and perfectly toasted crackers come nestled next to generous portions of cheese. {We had the Taleggio from Italy, Fourme d'Ambert from France, and the Cabra al Romero from Spain}... De.light.ful.  Enjoy a glass of wine and that cheese platter among their quaint European-style courtyard with fountains and vines; or opt for a cozy night in near the fireplace.  Must try the Crispy Cauliflower, Thai Shrimp rolls, Spanish Mac & Cheese, Market flat-bread... and save room for dessert: Homemade pumpkin-cinnamon donuts with cinnamon ice cream, caramel sauce and candied walnuts. H E A V E N.  {Check out this instagrammed picture from a while back}.  Everything is very tasty on the menu, you truly can't go wrong.  Bon Apetit!

{ Intermezzo chalkboard menu }