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{ Fiesta }

{ Old Spanish Days Festival Parade on State street }
With the Old Spanish Days Festival in full swing last weekend, our fiesta themed housewarming/birthday fête was very fitting for our many celebrations! Despite the drizzle that covered Santa Barbara early that morning, the sun was shining and it was a perfect 76 degrees by the time the party started.  The day was filled with endless margaritas, sangria, street tacos, colorful lanterns, stringed white lights, hanging piñatas, sombreros, and of course, mustache straws and tattoos for our guests! It was very special having all the people so dear to us at our new house enjoying themselves. They definitely "warmed" our home.  But I think the best part of my birthday last week was the surprise trip to Istanbul my husband planned for us in two weeks! :) Can't wait. xx. 
{ Vino for the Sangria pitcher }
{ Soaking the apples and peaches for the Sangria hours before the party }
{ Tres Leches Cupcakes with Mexican flags and mustache toothpick garnish }
{ Some of the drinks }
{ Hollow pinapple-man for wedged limes }
{ Mustache galore }


Chalkboard Serving Platter

{Cheese platter all complete! Ready for guests}
After searching everywhere for the perfect cheese platter, it seemed I had failed miserably.  Sur La Table, Costco, and even Williams-Sonoma didn't carry the type of serving platter I was looking for - a "label-able" one.  Since cheese is a daily staple on our evening menu, I wanted to properly label the various types.  I even opted for small flag like toothpicks with a space for the type of cheese, but that too, not available.  After a little research online, I found just what I needed: Chalkboard paint.  Who knew, right? I was so ecstatic to have my little paint party and set all my little cheeses in a row, so I got right to it.  I choose a moderately sized porcelain platter since our taste in cheese is on a steady incline, but the link below has various sizes. This DIY project was so quick, easy {and enjoyable}, I can't wait to entertain guests.  

what you'll need:
Porcelain serving platter - Bed Bath & Beyond
Pebeo Porcelaine 150 Chalkboard Paint - Amazon
a soft bristle paint brush - Local crafts store

how to:
1. Make sure your platter is clean and dry.
2. To properly mask the edges, be sure to use painter's tape to keep the white edge even. 
3. Apply the paint with a soft bristle brush. You may need to paint two thin coats to avoid seeing brush strokes.
4. As soon as you are done painting carefully remove the tape if you used it. 
5. Let the paint dry for 24 hours. Then, bake your platter following the instructions printed on the back of the paint bottle. After baking, your serving platter is dishwasher and microwave safe! <--- so cool!
6. Ready for your cheese platter.  Remember, the key to a mouth-watering cheese platter is adding complimenting bits and pieces that are salty and sweet. Red grapes, small apple slivers, a dollop of honey, medjool dates, mixed nuts, and of course basil for garnish {and for snacking}, all call for a fabulous cheese platter where the crowd will definitely be gathered at the start of your dinner party!

{Successful Cheese platter has salty and sweet elements;
apples, grapes, mixed nuts, dried fruit and medjool dates add a scrumptious kick when paired with cheese}


{ How to }
Romantic Side French-braid

With Spring in the air, floral running wild on every fashion trend these days, and baby pink creeping back into my closet for the first time since third grade, things are feeling a bit romantic lately.  I can't think of a better hair-do than the side french-braid to infuse a bit of vintage romance to my "pastel-ly" ensemble these past few weeks.  Braiding certain sections of the hair not only adds a feminine touch, but if done correctly can be a stylish alternative to your normal hair style routine.  I love all the possibilities with this hairstyle: It can be wrapped around the crown of your head, or simply gathered into a loose romantic low bun, or ponytail.  In either style, this look is youthful, fresh and perfect for Spring.   Add some coral lips and blush and you're all ready to go. Just follow these simple steps to achieving a fun hair do, that really doesn't take much time.
  • Step 1: Part hair on the side and grab a two inch thick portion at the base of the part of your hair. Split into three sections.
  • Step 2: Cross the front/your right section over the middle section. Then take the left section and cross that over the 'new middle' section. Note: The "middle section" will continuously change as you gather hair into the braid.
  • Step 3: Gather a small strand of hair from the right part of your head, and add into the right section in your hand {giving you a thicker, wider strand} and combine into the middle section as you did in step 2. Continue on left side, but be sure that the left side strands that you gather will be small since it's only to secure the braid down on the left side of your head. Tighten braid.
  • Step 4: Repeat until you've incorporated as much hair you want into the braid, while still leaving hair half up half down. Finish by regularly braiding the remaining hair and either securing with a mini rubber-band to leave the braid down with the rest of your hair, or by securing with a bobbypin to wrap around your head, as pictured in step 4. For the final touch, take a curling iron wand and wrap sections of your hair for some beach waves. Leave your hair down, or tie it all up in a messy bun or pony tail, and voila, you did it!
Is this a look you would try? Instagram your effort and tag @Vogueandvino so we can see!


< DIY > Rhinestone Belt

After my wedding, I had so many extra Swarovski embellishments that I was eager to get crafty and add some extra sparkle on pillows, blouses, and of course, belts. A few weeks ago, determined and in search for the perfect rhinestone embellished belt to glam up this LBD Alice & Olivia Tory Peplum dress, I headed out in search of exactly what I had in mind. I checked online, I checked in stores, and of course... nothing.  So, I decided to get a bit crafty and create my own:

What you will need:
  1. An old belt or sturdy ribbon {If ribbon: be ready to add clasps or hooks to finish the product}
  2. Few strips of swarovski crystal embellishments, available at your local bead store.
  3. Super glue/Fabric glue.
  4. Fabulous dress or skirt to add it too {Probably some hot shoes to go with it}
Step 1:
Step 2:
{Test your placement of the rhinestones before gluing}
Step 3:
{After gluing, secure with clips till morning}
And voila! It is so simple and easy and it really adds the extra umph to your outfit that you may have needed without adding mounds of accessories.