Style Profile:
Blake Lively

Oh, the fashion muse that is Blake Lively: Daunting the most exquisite styles on Gossip Girl, being hand-selected by the world famous Karl Lagerfeld to be the "Chanel it-girl." From TV star to fashion royalty... not a bad transition, eh? Fiction to Reality.  We've seen her grow up from the tomboy in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, to the girl-crush on Accepted, to the ultimate fashionista as Serena Van der Woodsen on GG.  Her sartorial preferences vary from swoon-worthy short dresses and glamorous red carpet looks, to coordinating colors perfectly and off-camera flawless chic ensembles. Who hasn't admired her wardrobe? It's clear the star has a penchant taste for sexy dresses and stilettos that always flatter her perfect figure while still remaining classy. The infamous Lively touch of turquoise always helps too!  The hair?  Usually disheveled, combed back in a casual yet stunning pony tail, or side swiped in a messy pony-braid.  She always looks effortless, letting her inner-girl-next-door visage shine through.  This vibrant yet rare combination adds up to personal style worth nothing on our style profile today.  *GS*
Figure Flattering Dresses
Chic Street Style
Dangerously sexy minis
Pretty Peplums
Angelic Evening Gowns


  1. she has a very unique style and pulls off such a versatile look so well! great pick for the new Chanel "it" girl :)

    My faves are the sexy minis ;)

  2. I'm loving the Angelic Evening Gowns!

  3. she is soooo chic

  4. I'm loving the Angelic Evening Gowns!