Lips are Sealed

Myth Lipstick by MAC
The month of December is always a favorite of mine, yet this year I was so busy. With all the hussle bussle of Christmas  I hardly had a second to myself! But, its a new year, and I wanted to start the first post of the year about some of favorite lip colors. Finding that nude nude, berry sheen, or even that glamour red is very difficult. However, I regard myself as a lipstick connoisseur and after doing all the leg work, here are my colors that will be flattering to everyone:

MAKE UP FOREVER has incredible lipstick (as you will see as you keep reading). Their nude, Satin #23 is the perfect blend of just enough matte with just enough satin. Another great nude lip that I have used for years is MAC's Myth. Line them with a liner from, none other but, MAKE UP FOREVER, #2c, Rosewood. Their waterproof lipliners make them almost impossible to rub off during the day. Top it all off with NARS lip gloss in either Striptease or Turkish Delight, and you have some pretty sultry lips to show off.

Right now I am really into MAKE UP FOREVER's Satin Light Rosewood #30, it gives my skin the perfect touch of color without looking too done up. Another favorite is MAC's Patis-Serie and Laugh A Lot. I use the same liner from MAKE UP FOREVER, #2c, Rosewood. It keeps my look fresh and my lips youthful.

During the holidays I constantly sport MAKE UP FOREVER's Moulin Rouge #43, with MAC's Cremestick liner, RedEnriched. And of course, my all time favorite, Gabrielle from Chanel! I just can't get enough of these sexy colors. Enjoy!