Romancing the Stone

I don't know what it is about romantic pieces. From headpieces, to earrings, rings, bracelets and jeweled necklaces... there is always a soft elegance to the look. For my engagement party back in October, I found these earrings that completely finished my look. I was so thrilled when I made the purchase because my dress was a bit busy, so I needed the perfect accessory to pair with the dress. Here is a snapshot of my own collection:


The Coffee Table Book

Assouline, South Coast Plaza, Costa Mesa, CA

There is but one place perfectly acceptable to parade your favorite fashion powerhouses and showcase your luxe jet-setting wish-list destinations: the coffee table. The precise pairing of the right coffee table books can transform your living room, bedroom, or family room from dull to dazzling. The combination screams first class chic, and your guests may learn a thing or two when they decide to glimpse over the eye-catching ensemble that await them. A few of my favorites are: The Gospel According to Coco Chanel; Food, Fashion and Friends: Receipies and Styling for Unforgettable Parties; American Fashion; Chanel Three Book Set, Special Edition; American Fashion Accessories; Conde Nast Traveler’s Room with a View. Lucky for me, the 15 year old Parisian Publishing House, Assouline, opened its fourth location at South Coast Plaza last month, where it is the home to thousands of the most glamorous of all coffee table books.


Cents, Sents and Scents

I always had a thing for the exotic white flowers of jasmine and gardenia. Their intoxicating fragrance and musky deliciousness combined make the perfect perfume. When I found Kai perfume at Barneys NY Co-op, I knew I was hooked. If the perfume is too strong, opt for the oil roll on which you can toss in your purse for convenient touch-ups. Their products are made from essential oils and are good for your skin! Or opt for the lotion and experience the silky luxury after a hot shower. Either way, the scent is intoxicatingly romantic and feminine. Some of my other favorite perfumes in the gardenia/jasmine family are Michael by Michael Kors, Kim Kardashian’s perfume, Monyette Paris , Moonstone, and Black Gardenia.


Cheers to New Beginnings

Welcome to Vogue and Vino! A blog which pays tribute to style, fashion, wine and of course savoir faire. I am 228 days away from marrying my dream man and while planning a wedding is oh-so-stressful, I decided what a better time to begin the blog I have always wanted. A housing of all the things I adore that I want to share with you. So here it is. Cheers to new beginnings.
This blog is dedicated to my two grandmothers with impecible style, grace and true elegance. A hope that my fashions will speak volumes to others as theirs did to me.