5 Things To Do in York


Not to be mistaken with New York of the USA – York is one of the most beautiful and historical cities to visit in the UK is York. York has something for everyone, with interesting activities like shopping, museums, awesome eateries and an amazing nightlife. York is a perfect city for a day trip or a weekend break. After visiting York many times this is my list of favourite things to do in York.

Afternoon Tea

Afternoon tea is a must when visiting York; it is the first thing my friends plan when we have decided to visit York. A favourite spot for Afternoon Tea is Betty’s Tea Room. At Betty’s Tea Room you will experience an exquisite English Afternoon Tea of elegant sandwiches, scones with jam and cream, a selection of cakes and a pot of tea or coffee. There are other venues which also serve Afternoon Tea in York, with options to suit all budgets.


Shopping is another must when visiting York. York is brilliant for shopping as there is a huge variety of shops. If you are after some designer delights from designers like Mulberry, Vivienne Westwood or Alexander McQueen you can visit Van Mildert. If you are thrifty but still like your designer handbags and shoes, York has the amazing York Designer Outlet, which is only a 10 minute drive from the City Centre and has plenty of transport options. York is also great if you like shopping in independent and vintage shops. Bowler Vintage, situated at 52 Fossgate, is great for cute and quirky finds.

York’s Chocolate Story

Within the walls of York’s Chocolate Story you will learn about the amazing chocolate families that have come from York. You will have so much fun throughout this guided tour of chocolate history and you will sample many chocolately treats. After you have learnt the secrets and chocolately treats you can indulge yourself in the cafe and gift shop. You can try the delicious hot chocolate that comes in many flavours including white, lemon and strawberry and treat yourself o the homemade brownies.

Cocktail Master Class

This is a great experience, especially if you are staying overnight, and many venues offer cocktail making classes. Bars like Revolution, Allbarone, Kuda Bar and Club and even the Grand Hotel and Spa all offer cocktail making classes. You would need to pre book a class for your trip to York but you will have so much fun learning to mix your favourite cocktails and laughing with your friends.

Spa days

Spa days are the perfect treat to yourself after you are all shopped and partied out. When you need to relax, chill or recuperate a lovely spa to visit is The Spa at The Grand Hotel. You can recharge your batteries within the luxurious surroundings the spa is set within whilst pampering yourself with as many treatments as you like.

Hopefully my list of favourite things to do in York has given you some ideas for when you are planning your visit to York.

5 Of The Best Cities To Have a Bachelorette Party in Europe


Europe is a perfect place to have a hen weekend. Europe has a multitude of cities to choose from when trying to decide where to have your hen party. There are cities to relax in and enjoy the culture but there are plenty of cities to let loose in and have a wild, crazy time. Here are my top 5 European cities to have an unforgettable hen weekend in.


Barcelona is a beautiful, vibrant city full of life and culture, with amazing history and architecture you can look at for hours. You can spend your days idly walking around the beautiful Cathedral indulging in the inspiring atmosphere and architecture, or relaxing in the many cafes. The clubs in Barcelona don’t open until the early hours of the morning so you can begin your night in one of the many bars before heading to a club to party until the sun rises.


Munich is an amazingly fast paced city, making it an ideal location for a fun filled hen weekend. Throughout your time in Munich you can shop in the treasure filled markets full of amazing accessories, jewellery and art. You can indulge in vintage shopping at the flea markets and sample the delicious local food at the food markets. A must for your trip to Munich has to be a visit to the beer halls, especially to start your night off, before dancing your night away to the awesome beats of the famous DJ/ club scene.


Warsaw is the perfect city for your hen party if you want to spend your time eating delicious food in beautiful restaurants and cafes. Drinking in the small cocktail bars is an ideal start to your night before being made to feel like a VIP in one Warsaw’s exclusive clubs. Warsaw is the city to spend time with your friends without being too wild and crazy.

Ibiza Town

You can chill out in the sun soaked paradise isle during the day and go wild and crazy after dark. Ibiza is the party capital of Europe and is amazing for hedonistic partying at clubs like Pacha, Amnesia and Space. You can recuperate during the day soaking up the sun at the beach or having a blast at the water park.


Amsterdam is a beautiful city that is an ideal location for either a quiet, relaxing hen party or a wild hen party. You can relax during your trip to Amsterdam by visiting the many cafes, shopping in the markets and visiting the beautiful, fragrant flower markets. Exploring the Dam is easy whether on foot, bicycle or canal boat. If you want your hen party to be a bit saucier and wild you can visit the world famous red light district and the Muse Du Sexe and partying in some of the craziest clubs you will ever visit!

6 Reasons Why You Should Get a Regular Massage!


Thousands of years of practice and study can’t be wrong. There are more than 200 varieties also known as modalities of massage that have been developed over several thousand years on multiple continents ranging from the very light such as Lymphatic Drainage Massage to the very deep like Rolfing; making massage a valuable and diverse tool in your health and wellbeing. Here are a few reasons why you should make massage a regular part of your routine.


From the time of birth the human body instinctively responds to touch; parents rub their little ones backs when they are feeling under the weather or upset, and touch is an integral part of intimacy. It is these natural intuitional needs that make massage an effective method of relaxation; relaxing your body from the very basic cell level, decreasing stress levels and increasing serotonin levels which induce a relaxed state of being.


Massage increases blood flow throughout the body which lowers blood pressure, and has been known to help diabetes patients reduce the amount of medication that they must take. In some cases massage has even been credited with assisting in the removal of cellulite do to the increase in circulation that is created by generating friction through massage.


Certain modalities like Lymphatic Drainage Massage have been proven to increase the amount of lymph that the body processes by up to twenty times more. This is why so many plastic surgeons recommend Lymphatic Drainage Massage for post-op patients after having breast augmentation and other types of surgeries. LDM is also very effective at improving the immune system when battling colds and everyday viruses.

Athletic Recovery

Professional athletes have been using massage as a part of their training for generations. It speeds up muscle recovery time, works out knots, and aids in the body’s ability to metabolize important nutrients that improve overall muscle health. You don’t need to be a professional athlete to incorporate massage into your workout routine. All athletes no matter how young or old should make massage a regular part of their training.

Mental Health

Stress and physical fatigue are very draining on the mind and its ability to process information properly. By including massage into your regular health habits, just as you do getting a haircut or going to work out at the gym, you will decrease the amount of stress contained within your body, ease physical fatigue, and as a result increase your mind’s functionality.


After all of this talk about relaxing it may seem counter-intuitive that massage will give you energy, but it does. Massage releases endorphins that energize the body. Additionally, massage increases the metabolism which also energizes the body and mind. It is this effect of massage that has brought massage into the work place. Many companies offer on-sight chair massage to their employees periodically as a way of increasing office productivity and creating a happy, more positive work environment.

For anyone wanting to live a longer, more vital life, with less persistent pain and more stamina massage is the answer; and with more than 200 modalities to choose from there is a form to fit any preference.

5 Tips For Being a Bridesmaid at a Destination Wedding


Finally the day has come to one of your favorite girls; she’s getting married and invited you to be her bridesmaid, not only that, it’s a destination wedding and you’ll simply be getting a small vacation on top of it all. How great does that sound? Yes, you’ll have to support the bride and do your part as a bridesmaid, help and support her with the preparation and all the stress of having a wedding far away from home, but you can sail through it and enjoy every part of it. Here are 5 tips for being a bridesmaid at a destination wedding:

Start Planning

You will want to plan everything in advance to make sure everything goes right, especially at a destination wedding where you will be far from home, even the most unpredictable situations, after all things happen. Plan how you would handle certain emergencies such as anxiety, bad weather, buying things at the last minute, etc. If you make a good plan, the chances of things going wrong are minimum and the result may be even better than you expected.

Save Yourself Unnecesarry Stress

Have a conversation with the bride and ask her what she expects of you and tell her what you’re willing to do, if she requires more than you can give be honest and open your heart to her, she’ll probably understand. Don’t let negativity affect you, people may try to pressure you and make you crazy, but everytime that happens close your eyes for a few seconds and think ahead because all this crazyness is temporary. Look around and find reasons to be happy for, do what you’re supposed to do with a smile on your face, you are close to witness your girl’s biggest day.

The Bridesmaid Dress

You can share with the bride what you expect of the dress, she can take into consideration all bridesmaids opinions when choosing the dresses, however, if she picks a dress completely different from what you expected don’t show disappointment, it’s her day and you’re not supposed to make her feel bad about something like that, you’ll wear the dress for only a few hours after all so be patient.

Be Helpful

Be sociable, interact, keep other guests busy, make everybody feel comfortable at the beautiful place the bride and the groom chose to celebrate their wedding. Just like you, everybody else wants to enjoy the place before the big day, but different from them, you are in charge of important tasks leaving the bride with minimum to no stress. So, make sure to organize a list of restaurants, bars, nightclubs, parks, stores, etc; and share it with the guests.

Relax Whenever You Can

Every time things calm down and you and the other girls have some free time, take the bride out to relax and think of anything but marriage stress. You can go to the movies or even watch TV at home eating popcorn and having ice cream all night long, or maybe you can do sports in a green area near your location, having a swim at the resort’s pool, there are so many options that you won’t need to use your creativity.

Remind the bride and the other bridesmaids that they can create a wonderful memory of everything together, and despite the stress they will only remember the joy so enjoy every part of it.